Erik Hamren would be on his way out of the Sweden set up

Erik Hamren would be on his way out of the Sweden set up once he gets done with the Euro Championships.

The stories of that had been doing rounds for the last couple of days and yesterday, Hamren confirmed the news to the Swedish media himself.

The 59-year old was quoted as saying, “I would be quitting once Euros get over and my contract is completed.”

Hamren is believed to have communicated his decision to the Swedish association as well and they have accepted that.

An official statement, however, has yet to come out from the association.

The 6-year period that Hamren has spent in charge of the Swedish national team, it has been full of criticism as the team has not stood up to the hopes of the fans.

The World Cup qualification was a big disappointment as Sweden failed to get to Brazil.

And, thereafter at one stage, it seemed Sweden would fail in the Euro qualification as well when they lost back-to-back games to Russia and Austria.

But, they did make a comeback in the last phase of their campaign to get to the playoffs and then, sneak past Denmark in the playoffs to book the ticket to France.

Sweden’s showings in France, to a very large extent, would determine how Hamren is remembered as a manager in the history of Swedish Football.

The tenure of Hamren would probably be considered a failure if Sweden doesn’t quite show the fight in France and gets knocked out early. Continue reading