Sweden and Norway in Qualifier Euro 2020

Sweden and Norway were engaged in a qualifier match for Euro 2020. The match was closely contested as both teams played equally well. Ola Kamara, substitute player for Norway scored a goal in the 96th minute. This resulted in a draw between the two sides at 3-3. The game was held on Tuesday, 27th March 2019.

On behalf of Sweden, Robin Quaison scored two goals which gave the team a lead of 3-2 before stoppage time. However, Kamara made the last goal to gain a point for his side which made the goal a pulsating one. If the overall performance and points accrued are seen, Sweden is now in second place. This is on the basis of four points gained from the two games they played. They are two points behind Spain who is leading, having won against Malta with a score of 2-0. Norway remains fifth since they have one point in total.

The game was a thunderous one which took place between the Nordic countries at Ullevaal stadium. Josh King brought the home crowd much action as he towered a header and got the crowd cheering. He was involved when Norway took on the lead but his shot was blocked out by Bjorn Johnsen. He fired a goal home at the 41st minute from an offside position. However, King got the chance to score again in the second half as he launched a counter-attack by taking the ball from the center of the pitch from Albin Ekdal. He then raced the ball home in the 59th minute.

The game was well played with both sides putting in efforts to counter the other side which led to a climax that was thrilling. This was mainly because of the last minute goal that Kamara scored for Norway. The draw match excited fans of both sides.