25 comments on “WordCup 2006 Germany 2 : 0 Sweden Highlight

  • Momokabomo says:

    Where gonna meet you again in qualification for the WC 2014, so i already
    wanna congratulate all you Germans for your two coming 5 – 0 victories
    against us. Hopefully we will get the second place, and i really want you
    to make it through cause its no real World Cup without Germany : )

  • Duebelmaster says:

    Podolski ist echt so ein Assi! Klose macht die ganze Arbeit für beide Tore
    und er bedankt sich bei sich selbst. Er ist und bleibt ne Niete.

  • Vladimir Putin says:

    I’m Swedish and I think that Sweden played a decent good match. Too bad we
    lost but thankfully this did not happen with so large margin. Moreover, as
    I realized the game was on the German side to challenge them on the away is
    really not an easy task. So it was strongly Sweden not to lose more than
    two goals. Too bad no Henke scored the penalty we got there: (

  • Germany totally slaughtered Sweden playing wise…I was embarassed to be a
    Swede. Germany should have won the cup. Their playing style was happy and

  • Officialjc says:

    Im from sweden, german is a very strong good team, but hey, the ref. is an
    asshole, gave german very much help when they didnt even need it!!

  • @Just1c320 not cool man. Germany better but thats not good sportsmanship.
    lol gotta love 1:46 though

  • dungeonofdarkness says:

    @qayotee No need to be embarrassed. Germany is capable of slaughtering any
    team in the world. Sweden put up a hell of a fight, you should be proud
    because they lost with honor.

  • love4theHeart says:

    lol sorry but when that swedish player got the 2nd yellow that refs face
    was priceless

  • @VotanteSerio So what’s the idea behind all this, why would FIFA (with a
    swiss president) favor the Germans, oh wise one? You mentioned that in ’90s
    final the penalty was a ‘gift’ … while that is debatable, he didn’t give
    Germany an earlier penalty, which was deserved … what about this?

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