25 comments on “Sweden vs Holland 3-2 Euro 2012 Qualifiers (2011-10-11) [HD]

  • TappenGaming says:

    Every swede in NHL are wimps?! HAHAH gtfo, Douglas Murray, Kronwall, Forsberg, SALMING, Sundin. Lucky that Crosby isnt a swede. You dont know what you are talking about son. Sweden has 10x less hockey players in their country, still SHITS on canada. And yeah, we were neutral in WW because why the fck not? We have always been great friends with nearby countries.

  • punk4rockorz says:

    How can you answer all this seriously? I am Dutch, but I am glad Sweden won. Together with Holland they deserved to qualify for the EM. Nice win from Sweden, they are always tough to meet, but I think we can easily say that Holland still has way more quality.

  • yohanZ95 says:

    Bara så att du vet så hade sverige också blivit invaderat av nazi-tyskland om dom inte stupade i stalingrad.

  • Pownedinyourface123 says:

    GUYS FFS, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP. Leave ww2 the fuck out of this, just enjoy the football. We beat Sweden once with 4-1 and they beat us with only 3-2. DONE. THUMBS UP IF YOU GUYS AGREE.

  • chabbleron says:

    Ppl from netherlands flee their own country to live in scandinavia. They should be nice to us.

  • ThorSuzuki1 says:

    It seems like it is a history lesson right here. Talk about football instead?

  • JoakimFlood92 says:

    If you had the opportunity to stay neutral during the war, then you would have been neutral. Don’t tell me that Norway went to war due to “Bravery”, because you didn’t. You had no other option, Sweden had – And we took it! And remember, you didn’t fight the war. You would probably just shit your pants and move to Sweden if war broke up. PUSSY.

  • neener420420420 says:

    You didn’t chill the hell out, you pussied the hell out while your brave neighbors stood their ground. Everyone in the world knows Swedes are puzziez…..

  • JoakimFlood92 says:

    Are you mad of being fucked by the germans while we swedes just chilled the hell out during the war?! HAHA fuck you, Sweden pwns.

  • bakkmac says:

    You’re a fucking moron. During WW2 we assisted Finland in the war against the russians, and the fact that we didn’t help Norway was so that we wouldn’t have to choose side in the war. We saved more jews during the war than anyone else, all of Denmarks jews were shipped to Sweden and were hidden in Sweden untill the end of the war. Swedish vikings were traders in russia, and didn’t make war like norsemen and danes. And that with NHL: Douglas Murray, Ulf Samuelsson and Niklas Kronwall. Wimps?

  • LundaGrabben3 says:

    You got a problem or something?

    Go back some pages and look what your dutch fellow man wrote about Sweden, biased motherfucker.

    I don’t give a fuck if you ended second in the world cup or if you will win euro 2012 you are sooo overrated and you play dirty as well, and your pathetic complains when u lose “we didn’t have our first team” etc bla bla bla butthurt soar losers.

  • nielscarp says:

    Yep, we became second at the World Cup in 2010 but I guess that doesnt matter. Go eat some knackebrod and shut the fuck up.

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