25 comments on “Sweden 5-0 Finland – Euro 2012 Qualifiers – All Goals & Highlights [360p]

  • LundaGrabben3 says:

    Well no one exept you finns care about the world cup gold, the reason why you are so happy about it is because the last time you won was in 96. Even Slovakia and Czech republic are better than finland they have more golds than you. Sweden on the other hand leads the medal table after Canada.

    Besides we are the only country on this planet that has won both the olympic gold and world cup gold the same year. We will be favorites in the olympics 2014 alongside Canada & Russia.

  • LundaGrabben3 says:

    Yea well If you gonna come with statements like that Finland is better than Sweden in hockey(lol) u must be really drunk to claim those things.

    Come back again when you have won an olympic gold, only then you will be seen as a big hockey nation like Sweden. Till then you aren’t better than us, sorry.

  • TheHomebre says:

    when did i say finnish is europe language? Lol poor explanations “sweden would have won (crying) with man squad”. thanks for laughs 😀

  • LundaGrabben3 says:

    You finns are pretty much beyond reality, you are taking that game (6-1) too serious. Sweden would easily crush Finland if they played with their main squad. Finland had the oldest team while Sweden had one of the youngest. Besides we have won the world cup 8 times! and the olympic gold 2 times! as many times as you (Finland) has won the world cup. We don’t really care.

    finnish isn’t a european but an asian language. Which many people think as an odd language, u r wrong.

  • TheHomebre says:

    6-1 and finnisg language is lot better in my opinion. In Finland we must study swedish and the language is disgusting. I never said anything about europe.

  • LundaGrabben3 says:

    Sorry but finland is not better in Hockey and your language aint better either. It isn’t an european language and Finland is in europe.

  • TheHomebre says:

    sweden is better in soccer and finland is better in icehockey but finnish is a lot better language. uh i hate that guy talking there

  • Frostar55 says:

    @str33t99 nah not really, I’m tired of Sweden and Finland competing against each other, id say good for you guys :]

  • RWBn00b says:

    …Football is bigger than hockey in Sweden, in terms of players. Also, it has the largest youth “repopulation” followed by innebandy and basketball. Heck, ice hockey isn’t even in the top 5.

    Hockey has more audience up here- but only occasionally. It’s been the biggest since late 2010, but before that, Football was in the lead for about ten years. And even as is, football is only behind by a an average of 50 spectators.

    Hockey is smaller than football in Sweden. Period.

  • goalinside says:

    What a player is Zlatan. He comes in 30th minute and scores a hat trick. He has the most spectacular goals, skills who only he can do on this planet and I just love him. It’s fucked up that he is going to stop his career 🙁

  • Frostar55 says:

    and i wasnt meaning whole football generally, i was talking about QUALIFIERS.

  • dannelit0w says:

    hahaha that “pathetic” “soccer” game is the most popular sport in the world 😉 and its called FOOTBOLL not soccer dumb whore

  • Frostar55 says:

    proud alot? win 5-0 in Qualifiers and act like the world champions, and if we think your way, we are still leading 2-1, finland won Hockey & Floorball, and swe’s won some pathetic soccer game?

  • Juostenkusten says:

    Im finnish and my words are simple; finnish football sucks even more than a whore from thailand. In ice hockey we have a change, but in football….. hahhahahaa, veeery funny. I only watch those matches because i just wanna laugh at my team. Im not kidding 😀 Best homour in the whole wide world. Hope u guys win <3

  • matofako1 says:

    hah finland is totally out of footboll map and swedes celebrete win over finland like world championship….btw sweden is bad at footboll also, they have no other good player than immigrant zlantan imnbrahimobits

  • MyPaska123 says:

    what ever we won 6-1 in ice hockey final that emberissing xD and Finland have been ranked 22th in 2002 but today something is wrong

  • Actually not at all. Suomi is such a beautiful country 🙂 It’s this rivalry that makes both countries look ridiculous (<- i'm sooooorry), but eh! It's just a "too serious taken"-football match, anyway...

  • AmericasSwede says:

    Finland isn’t one of the worst countries at fotbol? They are ranked 76th in the world out of 203.

  • Ooopppps123 says:

    .. but still its the biggest sport in the world, and we crushed you, how does it feel? 🙂

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