25 comments on “Germany vs. Sweden (4-4) ALL GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS WCQ 10/16/2012

  • TheDomino214 says:

    not really, you have no real argument back, you are just resorting to name calling.

  • PaleBunnyInfidel says:

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  • This happend to me in FIFA 13 just a hour ago, It was 3-1 and then i lost 3-4.
    Then i went maaad!!!

  • TheDomino214 says:

    not really, you are stupid to think hart has no talent, he is england’s number 1 and man city’s number 1 for a reason, and if you cant see that then you’re more ignorant than what you’re making me out to be, so bye

  • fjunetmaja says:

    What did happen to my home under those 90+3 min:
    Germany1-0 Sweden; Screaming so high I thought the glasswindows would break.
    Germany2-0 Sweden; Smash a pillow to the grond.
    Germany3-0 Sweden; One broken window.
    Germany4-0 Sweden; Bit my tounge, the pillow turns to a bloodspitting trash can.
    Germany4-1 Swe; Easy stamp on the ground.
    Germany4-2 Swe; Eating snacks so fast I throw It up.
    Germany4-3 Swe; Starts believing on karma, fix the window, clean the pillow and eat my vomit.
    4-4; EXPLOSION!!!

  • Wait, all he did was pick up the ball for his celebration and clap hands with a team mate, he did the same for all the other goals, and for Sweden’s 4th he runs with his arms out, your comment makes not sense.

  • TheDomino214 says:

    now your just being a hypocrite, dont tell me im being ignorant when your doing that :’)

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