25 comments on “Brazil x Sweden World Cup 78 : Bad call

  • narcisolon says:

    The referee doesn’t need to add any inury time if he doesn’t deem it
    necessary. Also, during injury time, the ref can stop the gane at any
    point, even right after a corner kick has just been executed. So all those
    claiming robbery can go cry somewhere else.

  • Sean Wickham says:

    This does pose a good argument for eliminating injury time from soccer, but
    if the clock runs during out of bounds, then you’ll see a lot of delay
    tactics in the last several minutes of the game by teams deliberately
    kicking the ball into the stands and taking as much time as possible on
    every restart.

  • It was said that the ground at Mar del plata was treated with sea water by
    the groundsman and it was to stop brazil playing and it worked if you
    watch the games theri the pitch was cutting up so bad divits were
    everywhere on it and thats why brazil were grouped in that stadium

  • armandopentium souza says:

    Já foi comprovado que houve maracutaia da argentina para ganhar essa copa.
    Argentinos só ganha roubando mesmo. – Gol de mão – Jogando drogado –
    Colocaram sonífero na água – Compraram o peru , isso já foi provado.
    Safados, trapaceiros , não ganharam nada, na verdade, usurparam os títulos.

  • Êgon Bonfim says:

    Esse juizão foi comprado pelos argentinos para prejudicar o Brasil naquela
    Copa. Para ganhar aquela competição, os argentinos compravam a arbitragem e
    os times adversários para prejudicar os rivais na caminhada rumo ao título.
    Era o prenúncio do insucesso daquele pobre time brasileiro “campeão moral”
    e invicto na terceira posição.

  • timtranslates says:

    This is bad refereeing. Nevertheless, the argument that the seconds
    required for the players to swap so that the other guy takes the corner is
    not really valid. The referee never adds on time for all the time the ball
    was out of play. Otherwise he’d be adding on at least 10 minutes every half.

  • IvanPereira Lima says:

    ahahahaha… Referee robbed!!! Peru case….World cup 78 under “eternal

  • anglomandingo says:

    I remember watching this when I was 10 years old. What a shocker. Brazil
    were a very good team.

  • I believe that exact injury time should be played, in face i would abolish
    injury time in football…just stop the clock for any stoppages…the
    minimum injury time is rubbish…for god sake you win a match and are still
    ahead after 3 mins stoppage is shown but the the ref can play 3.30 seconds
    at his discretion and a goal is scored within those 30 seconds..no wonder
    some teams go crazy….

  • @pizarron29 Certamente a copa foi feita exatamente para a Argentina. Mas
    isso é normal para a Argentina. Fazem todo tipo de porcaria para ganhar.
    Não sabem ganhar na bola. As 2 copas, e somente 2 copas, foram ganhas no
    roubo. Em 1978 foi desse jeito e em 1986, o Maradona foi incompetente para
    fazer o gol de cabeça e fez de mão. E ainda querem comparar maradona com
    Pelé. O Pelé cabeceava, tocava, driblava com perfeição.

  • Rafael Ribeiro says:

    Que jogador drogado em 1978? Que sonífero na água em 1978? Brasil só ganha
    Copa em lugar bizarro e reclama dos outros…

  • guariba63 says:

    @lusitano1914 Porra lusitano, vai tomar no cú… Lá vem um portugues que
    nunca ganhou nada em matéria de futebol, querer falar das copas ganhas pelo
    Brasil… Para com isso portuga… Ve se te encherga…

  • This may not be normal, and seems against spirit of the law, but if time’s
    up it’s up- to allow additional time cos one team may score is unfair on
    the other, and basically cheating. Of course if the ref blows up
    fractionally early cos he doesn’t want a goal that’s cheating too- but is
    there any evidence Thomas didn’t want Brazil to win? There doesn’t seem any
    reason for him to do so. It certainly didn’t make it easier for Argentina
    to win the world cup, as has been (foolishly) suggested.

  • Jesse Almeida says:

    Assistam esse vídeo que abre um grande horizonte sobre a politica
    influenciando em copas. watch?v=Z3Lw7pX9A9E

  • FCP Swift says:

    @kgordon855 thats not the only problem. the referees wasted time,
    apparently on purpose…

  • AUGUCAPO3 says:

    anda salame el gol de la mano vino 3 minutos antes del mejor gol de la
    historia lo del somnifero es verdad los re cagamos jaja q maradona se
    drogue no te calienta a vos si en la cancha fue el mejor del mundo y a peru
    lo goleamos no habia chance q nos ganaran

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