25 comments on “Denmark 2 – 3 Portugal – Euro 2012 All Goals HD [13-06-2012]

  • EpicPotatoYT says:

    How sweet, portugese people bashing Denmark..

    How’s your economy going, Portugal?

  • Pedro Silva says:

    keep crying football is not for you denmark. Portugal is always shit in
    In the official games you just go home.

  • ArcticBulletNation says:

    Ronaldo, best player in the world atm. in my opinion, and have been for
    quiet a few years now.

    Our players?

    Comparing Eriksen to Ronaldo? Really? Eriksen is just overrated. Look at
    Ronaldo when he started, and then when Eriksen started. Eriksen was in
    Ajax. Ronaldo was in Lisabon (however you spell it). Then Eriksen’s first
    club switch was to Tottenham, and Ronaldo’s was to MAN U. The difference is
    so much bigger. Ronaldo’s second club switch was Real Madrid. Eriksen
    doesn’t have a potential anywhere near Ronaldo’s potential when he was

    And Bendtner? Pff, he isn’t that good either, he is so lazy, he doesn’t
    even insist going all the way to the training ground, so he decides to use
    doors as balls instead.

  • ArcticBulletNation says:

    Why do every people have to be so damn arrogant! Football is a beautiful
    game, and therefore, we should respect it. Guys, have respect for each
    other man.

    What is your point even in discussing what team is better? I mean, just
    admit it, you are saying portugal/denmark is better because it’s your
    country. Same here, but no need to start a big flame war, it’s unnecessary!
    Just enjoy the freaking game, and stop hating! Show respect!

  • Paulo Da Silva says:

    Why is everyone from Denmark talking about the past and the stats of these
    two teams ? We’re living in 2014 and Portugal are the better team than
    Denmark where the fuck is Denmark in World Cup ?
    Can’t wait till Portugal fucks you in the Euro 2016 like we did in 2012.
    Watch out we have new young talented players. We got a new Yaya Toure which
    is WILLIAM CARVALHO, we got Bruma, Carlos Mane, Bernardo Silva, etc.

  • Kent Donaldson says:

    What was all that writhing on the floor in the area from the portuguese
    player after the winning goal? 

  • hernandezrivas says:

    Bye Bye Denmark…. Fuck off , go home and play handball… the Sport for

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