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Erik Hamren reckons whatever Zlatan Ibrahimovic was due to heat

The Swedish national manager, Erik Hamren, reckons whatever Zlatan Ibrahimovic said following the Bordeaux game, it was all the heat of the moment stuff and it should not have been blown out of proportion.

Ibrahimovic was fuming post that game as he thought his team lost only because of the rough decisions of the referee.

He, thereafter, was heard hurling some negative words on the standard of the referees in France.

If the reports are to be believed, he also said that France does not deserve to have Paris Saint Germain.

The French public and media have taken it as insult and there has been a little bit of outrage over there against Ibrahimovic.

The striker will have to justify his act in front of a disciplinary committee now and in case the committee finds his words unacceptable, he might have to suffer ban.

Ibrahimovic has already put forward an apology to all of those who are feeling hurt by what he said.

According to Ibrahimovic, he did not take a dig at anyone. It was just his frustration which came out.

Hamren, who manages Ibrahimovic in international Football and knows him very closely, also had the same thing to say. Read more »

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